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Choosing The Right Spa Pool

Choosing The Right Spa Pool

If you’ve ever been spa pool shopping it can be a really confusing experience.

Whilst some might simply pick a spa based on price, the smart buyer does his research first and chooses a portable spa based upon his or her needs.

There is nothing worse than spending thousands of dollars only to discover your shiny new purchase doesnt actually do what you’d origionally wanted it to. So visit us in store and be sure that what you’re buying is right for you.

Spa pools can be more than just another household accessory so do your research first and identifies what kind of spa pool best suits you.

The Basic Portable Spa

A basic portable spa pool usually measures under 2mtr x 2mtr and has only 5 jets powered a single pump and should generally come with a lockable hard lid.

Cash is king if you’re after a deal and don’t want to fall into the trap of spending more than you should. So ask your local spa pool dealer for his best cash price as they often have old stock laying about that they’re willing to just move on in some cases. Another great way to save money is by going to local “home shows” if there are any in your area. You’ll often find great deals on old stock and once again, ask the seller for their best show (should this be cash price instead of show price?) price.

The Hydrotherapy Spa

Typically hydrotherapy spa pools aren’t limited in size or shape as no expense is spared within the design and construction. Featuring multiple pumps that power massage seats, a hydrotherapy spa is the Rolls Royce of spa pools built for the singular purpose, to rehabilitate sore muscles and joints. Foot and shoulder jets are another common feature of high end spa pools, as well as ozone, LED lighting and even Bluetooth connectivity.

Recliners vs Shaped Spas

Now that you’ve tackled the complexities of feature and price, the next challenge you face or picking a suitable shape to mirror your price and purpose.

Recliners are generally rectangular or square in shape featuring either single or double recliner seating with 3 regular L shaped seats in a bench seating arrangement. You’ll frequently find recliner spas quite shallow in depth, which can favour families with small children looking for the safety element.

Shaped pools come in a variety of size and style. Deeper in profile, an octagonal shaped spa can have up to twice the water volume than that of a recliner spa pool. This come with pros and cons in heating time, price and perceived depth safety for families with small children. One benefit is capacity, with seating enabling up to 8 bathers at once.

Visit Our Showroom

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The Pool Warehouse have over a dozen models hydrotherapy portable spas in a wide colour range, suitable for every setting.

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