Our delivery charge covers delivery from our depot to your gate/driveway.  If the final destination of the Spa is close by and unobstructed by steps, walls and other objects – we will help you place it at no additional cost.  We do recommend you have at least 4+ people to move the unit.


We recommend having an electrician connect your NZspa pool on its own 32Amp breaker on 4mm TPS, with appropriate trunking or protection.  Although actual current drawn may be significantly less we recommend adhering to the rating of the pools and wire appropriately.  Please consult with your electrician for more information.

Wiring access:

The wiring terminal can be accessed by removing the side panel of your NZspa which is the same side as the top mounted spa pool controller.  On the Elite series, you will first need to remove the two adjacent corner panels before you can remove the front panel.